Moonshark™ Goes Prehistoric! Caveface™ with Phil DeFranco and Mention Mobile Live Today!

Posted by on Jul 5, 2012 in Moonshark™ Blog | One Comment

This has been a pretty dang fun week for Moonshark. Last Thursday we launched DancePad for iPad and thanks to fans like you we reached #1 Music Game, #2 Free Game, and #3 App overall!!

Now, we’re proud to drop another hot one on you guys. Today, in partnership with the hilarious Phil DeFranco and our friends at Mention Mobile, we’re launching Caveface, a hilarious new photo app for all iOS devices that de-evolves anyone into a prehistoric caveperson in seconds. Just open the app, take a picture of yourself or someone else, and the tiny cavepeople in the app will get to work!

Get Caveface!

Caveface everyone around you — parents, co-workers, babies, or even your pet. Once you’ve chiseled a few Cavefaces, you can share them with your friends over email, Facebook and Twitter. You can even send your photos to Philly D, and if they really rock he may even feature them in his show.

Hope you enjoy, and feel free to share your photos with us at Moonshark on Twitter and Facebook.

Matt Caveface


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  • Elissa

    a.) i hope this image comes up for “matt Kozlov” in a google image search
    b.) i hope that some uninformed news source than uses it in an article that quotes you.