Stan Lee’s Verticus™ Available Now! Save the World from Certain Doom!

Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in Moonshark™ Blog | 2 Comments

Hey all,

After months of a lot of hard work (and fun), we’ve finally released Verticus in partnership with the legendary Stan Lee and our friends at Controlled Chaos in Dallas.

Get Verticus!

It’s been one heck of a journey and honor working alongside one of our all-time heroes, and we’re so psyched to share this game with you!

Moonshark & Controlled Chaos with Stan Lee!

Personally we can’t stop playing Verticus, and so far we’ve had to pry our iPhones and iPads away from our friends we’ve let demo the game. So that’s a good sign!!

But we need every download and review we can get, so please tell your friends about Verticus (Tweet! Facebook! Post your high scores!). As an added incentive, if Verticus hits #1 I will personally take the whole team skydiving, which we will fully document and share here!!!

Now, stop reading and thwart those dang Obliterators!


Oh, and like/follow us on Facebook and Twitter!! Each week, we’ll be looking for people Tweeting about #Verticus, and one lucky winner will receive a grab-bag of Stan Lee memorabilia, limited edition artwork, and other awesome prizes.

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